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About Us

If you’ve tried storing your headphones in a gym bag, desk drawer, or pants pocket, you’ve experienced the frustration of picking apart a tangled mess of plastic. Outfitted with high-quality earbuds, the CordCruncher Headphone’s elastic sleeve allows you to customize your listening experience, giving you complete control of your cord length. Adjust it anywhere from 16 inches to 3.5 feet. Finish up at the gym, crunch the earbuds, and toss them into your bag for the next use—all tangle-free, every single time!

Moxytronix was born out of the chaos of creativity and the desire to see imagined inventions transported off the page. At its core, Moxytronix is a closely-knit community of friends and family whose individual skills and contributions allowed them to turn an idea into a company. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Moxytronix develops stylish and practical technology solutions with an emphasis on eliminating the daily inconveniences and frustrations that are often taken for granted.

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