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CordCruncher is ...

It’s simple, it’s easy, it makes sense

CordCruncher’s tangle free technology is the best solution to all types of cords. Whether you’re storing ear buds in your gym bag, or a phone charger in your laptop bag, you will never again experience tangled cords!


The Solution you've been searching for is finally here!

CordCruncher expands from 16” - 40” and every size in between!

The patented Tangle Free design means you’ll never have to untangle your headphones again!

CordCruncher comes in 4 colors to match your style.

Join thousands of others who are saying goodbye to tangled headphones.

It’s all about the bass

Adjust your bass depending on your mood. Turn up the bass for those deep tunes, or turn it down for a more acoustic vibe with our patented adjustable bass drivers.

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Premium Series

Pull to open. Crunch to close. Never tangle again

  • At last a solution to the annoying problem of tangled headphone cords! These headphone cords stay tidily in their sleeve until you pull them out to use them - and only as far as necessary so there's no excess cord length to catch on things. Then when you are ready to put them away, a gentle tug pulls them back safely into the sleeve. They come with several sizes of earbuds to comfortably fit anyone's ears. I recommend them highly.



  • This is a great product that really works! Love it. No more tangles.